plumeria on my mind
Plumeria On My Mind, is all about beauty, happiness and holiday memories. It will help you keep the feeling of summer, all year round. Plumeria, one of the world’s most beautiful and fragrant flowers, kept reappearing in Klaus’s mind so he decided to turn it into stunning diamond and precious stone jewellery.
The Founder's Note

From childhood Klaus Stenzhorn’s mother instilled in him a love for flowers. The Stenzhorn family’s garden was well known for its beauty in the little town they lived in on the banks of the Rhine river.

During his travels to Central and South America, Asia and the Caribbean there was one tree that caught Klaus’s attention because it produced uniquely shaped flowers, sometimes white, sometimes in a variety of vibrant colours. This eye-catching flower, Plumeria, also diffuses an intense, sweet fragrance in the evening.

The scent of Plumeria reminded Klaus of lily-of-the-valley which blossoms in his home town in late spring. Klaus’s mother’s name was Lily, so his thoughts often drifted towards her each time he came across these flowers.

The Designers Note

As Klaus travelled more, and further afield, he learned that Plumeria has different, deep meanings in many cultures. It’s a polysemic plant.

Klaus noticed Hawaiian women using Plumeria as a symbol of their marital status, and for making colourful garlands. He learned that Plumeria carries a wide range of connotations like grace, charm, and beauty, and it symbolises creativity and a new beginning. In Asia, Plumeria is regarded as being sacred.

In ancient times in South America Plumeria symbolised fertility in Mayan culture whilst in Aztec culture it manifested belonging to the elite, and was planted in abundance in the gardens of nobles.