YOU MOVE ME The Dewdrop Baguette All Diamond Ring

18K Gold, Diamonds 0.85 ct.

Simply Brilliant

This new addition to Stenzhorn’ s You Move Me collection captures the beauty of morning dewdrops gliding across leaves. Specially designed to cool you down for any occasion, an invisible set pear shaped diamond is cut to move you, like the trickle of tiny water bubbles, down a leaf. The designs of this collection are inspired by the beautiful foliage of Hostas, from the family of plantain lilies, native to Japan, Korea and China. Hosta plants symbolise friendship and devotion.

The playful movement of the diamond dewdrop gives this kinetic jewellery it’s unique, dynamic look. It’ll catch his eye as it swings to your rhythm. The invisible set, moving diamond reflects the sun just like dewdrops in the early morning. The Dewdrop collection contains pendants, bangles and rings that can be worn alone or in combinations. They will brighten your day with sparkling jewels that dance in your mind.

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